Last week Supponor crossed the £500k mark in the compny’s £1 million Crowdcube fundraising drive. This week their investment proposition received a triple gold rating from independent analysts, Crowd Rating.

Supponor’s augmented reality (AR) technology is already changing the sponsorship/advertising model in major broadcast sport. The platform makes it possible to digitally overlay different brand content onto the LED advertising boards seen by fans watching the same live event in different international territories. It means that fans watching in each country can be targeted with completely different brand messages.

Crowdrating is a specialist ratings agency which provides potential investors with fact-based opinion about the quality of crowdfunding campaigns. The agency makes its judgements by assessing three core categories: Management, Product and Investment.

We’re delighted to say, Crowdrating summarised Supponor’s proposition as “an excellent demonstration of the potential commercial use of augmented reality. It is a fully functional system that is already being used by a number of major sporting bodies, including La Liga, NFL and NHL, and several key distribution partners are engaged.”

Specifically regarding the strength of the investment, Crowdrating commented “Supponor has provided a valuation analysis including a summary P&L which shows very good margins and a reasonable growth rate.”

Analysts also judged the Management team as being “highly experienced, with the leadership having held multiplesenior roles over their careers and a number of exits behind them.”

Highlighting the shift in the industry to deliver ‘virtualised advertising’, Supponor’s product also scored highly, with the report stating “There are other companies developing competing solutions, but Supponor is already in the market with a mature and well-protected technology.”

Supponor intends to utilise the investment raised during this equity offering to drive wider adoption of the technology and fund the development of the next phase of its optics technology, which will make it possible to enhance the quality of its virtually modified broadcast feeds.

Supponor’s Crowdcube campaign ends mid-June. To learn more, or to invest today, visit

Read the full Crowd Rating evaluation HERE

Investors should contact Andrew Crean, Supponor’s Chief Financial Officer, for further information.