Supponor, the high tech media company revolutionising sports marketing, is partnering with today’s Telegraph Business of Sport Conference. During this two day event, the Supponor team will be presenting their Digital Billboard Replacement technology (DBRLive) and the opportunities that the system may hold for those in attendance.

DBRLive, a huge step forward for brands interested in sport, allows rights-holders to deliver tailored billboard adverts to each region that are tuned in to any given event. For example, during a Spanish football match involving Barcelona or Real Madrid, viewers in Mexico may see billboards advertising a Mexican car dealership while Chinese viewers may see an advert for a coffee company branching into China. The technology enables rights-holders to offer their commercial partners more – and more targeted – brand association, enabling them to deliver distinct, audience-specific messaging without inventory wastage.

At the Telegraph Business of Sport Conference, Supponor will be showcasing their Ad Director, the system that controls which adverts are viewed in which region, and when. Delegates will have the opportunity to; see how the innovative digital advertising system works with demonstrations from the developers that created it, ask questions and even test their own skills on the system.

With an average of over 60 brands utilising DBRLive during each sports match, it’s no surprise that Supponor are becoming hot property and are working alongside with various international sports organisations. The conference will be the perfect opportunity for both new brands and rights-holders to meet the Supponor team and explore how they could benefit from the technology.

Of their partnership with the conference, Roger Hall, Supponor’s Chief Executive, said: “The Telegraph Business of Sport conference is a perfect match for Supponor. Through our partnership, we have the opportunity to showcase DBRLive to all who benefit from its use – brands, rights holders and the media.

“The 2014/15 season has seen our technology featured at more major global sporting events than ever before – including our 50th game in Spain’s La Liga and in matches featuring team such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. During the conference, delegates will be able to view the technology in action and find out more about the significance of DBRLive in unlocking a number of commercial opportunities”.

Alex Foster, Divisional Director of Telegraph Events, said of the event: “Britain is one of the world’s greatest sporting nations, and has played host to some of the world’s biggest events. The new Telegraph Business of Sport Conference will bring together key industry players who have helped to shape the sporting industry, discussing the key issues for brands, right-holders and broadcasters. We are delighted that Supponor is sponsoring the conference and bringing its revolutionary DBRLive platform and world class broadcast technology innovation to this timely event.”


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About Supponor

Supponor is a high tech media company revolutionising sports marketing. Its Digital Replacement technology, DBRLive, tailors perimeter advertising in sports broadcasts for specific regional and local audiences, by replacing physical in stadium advertising with virtual, digital content – in real time. DBRLive is reinventing the value that sponsors, brands and rights holders derive from in-event media – and is rolling out further at top tier events across Europe, North America and globally.