The semi-finals are over, Team Canada and Team Europe are through, and as the World Cup of Hockey takes a short break from the ice until the finals start on Tuesday, we have a chance to review some of the key uses of Supponor’s Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards (DED) across the tournament.

Our unique augmented reality technology is being embraced by all the key stakeholders – the league, its broadcast and media partners, the sponsors and the fans.

The integration of DED into the fabric of the World Cup of Hockey has been great to see. Dasherboards – or rink boards – are the key signage asset in Hockey broadcasting, and they have ‘come alive’ in this tournament as never before. Sponsors are enjoying moments of exclusivity as their messaging ‘takes over’ the entire rink; broadcasters are engaging fans with creative content such as team celebrations, tune-in announcements and even personalised messaging.

Rogers Sportsnet, for example, has been personalising the boards for super-fans and driving engagement via Twitter hashtags, as shared below by Twitter Canada team member Christopher Doyle.


For viewers around the world, who have been noticing the use of the Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards used to suit their own language and brands, here is a first chance to see a simulcast of all feeds at once.  In this video, the integration of virtual board advertising with show presentation can also be seen, with messaging tied to commentary and dynamic content to celebrate winning moments.

We look forward to a great final series between Team Canada and Team Europe to round off this fantastic tournament.