The World Cup of Hockey 2016 takes a day off as the group stage ends and Team Russia, Team Canada, Team Europe and Team Sweden advance to this weekends knock-out semi finals.

For the Supponor team, a chance to reflect on the coverage of the DED (Digitally Enhanced Dasherboards) at the tournament so far.

Firstly, reporting in his blog for Yahoo!, Puck Daddy writes:

The digital advertisements and messaging that’s wrapped around the rink boards are one of the most interesting, and potentially revolutionary, advancements on display at the World Cup of Hockey.

“It’s making the boards look cleaner. It’s great for the advertisers. But it can’t just be a money grab. It has to be used for good, and not evil,” said Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet and NHL Properties for Rogers. “It should be used to help tell stories. When we get to the point where it can be used to present graphics and stats and help with the player tracking, that’s where it becomes something special to the viewer.”

Viewers are naturally discovering the differing adverts, whose brand, colour, movement and type changes for each of the four feeds distributed to a global audience, from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

One of the only ways to discover the unique position of deploying DED for this event is to see all four feeds in action, as this image displays:


Amongst the twitter comments received, some really are impressed with this first use of DED in a major televised tournament: