16 Jan 2017


On the one hand, it is a question of integrability and, in particular, the fact that the provider’s solution can be integrated into the TV production of the DFL subsidiary Sportcast and b) by the TV service provider Cologne Broadcasting Centre (CBC). Furthermore, c) it can not affect the graphic elements involved in TV broadcasts, such as watermarks.

On the other hand, there is the requirement range of image quality, specifically a) the position-aware recognition of the band, b) the precise cutting out of objects before bands, and c) the exclusion of other influences of the basic signal.  Above all tests the question of a forecast for the time of the technique introduction hovers.  Ad difficult question to answer, also because – as expected in a series of tests – new challenges are constantly emerging, on which the providers have to react.

For expample, special weather conditions, different lighting conditions in the different arenas or new band systems at individual clubs.  In the industry, however, the view is that the introduction into the Bundesliga should take place in two to three years.  A timing for the introduction is also so difficult to specify, because different suppliers parallel their products develop, but this above all behind closed doors do.


So far not yet tested in the Bundesliga has the offerer Supponor based in London.  The company has extensive expertise in the field of virtual advertising, but has focused on cross-fading solutions for static gangs.  Supponor is already present in the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A and was also a service provider at the Telekom Cup in Summer 2015.

Supponor had then end of 2015 a collaboration with the band System service Adi Group limited and announced a solution for virtual advertising on LED boards for the season 2016/17. This timing has been delayed – at least with regard to the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, Supponor is currently developing in an interesting constellation. So the company has installed a permanent test set-up in an arena in Watford, so it can be rehearsed every two weeks for home games and also during the week under live conditions. A set-up, according to the industry, according to industry rumors would like to build with a Bundesliga club.

It should be noted that Supponor is defined by its cooperation with Adi – Stand today – on their band system. This system uses 14 of the 20 current Premier League clubs, but not a federal league. In order to build up such a test setup in Germany, a club would have to change its gaming system. Such an installation would undoubtedly be a further step towards the introduction of virtual advertising in the Bundesliga. In addition, in the background, other providers want to test the last ones not in use.