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Sports Solutions

Every sport is different – apart from one thing.  The quest for
excellence and the highest quality in everything they do.

Supponor is unique in delivering the quality of augmented reality solutions required by leagues, clubs and their media and commercial
partners around the world.  We are the clear market leader in high impact augmented reality advertising solutions.

We have successfully deployed in live broadcasts of European Football including in Spain, Italy, Germany and the
UK, NHL Ice Hockey in North America, F1 Motor Racing, and NFL American Football

Just as with digital brand communications, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when designing and deploying advanced augmented reality solutions for different sports.

Some sporting events have lots of prominent on-screen signage, others have less. Whether it’s animated arena signage or static, displaying single or multiple brands (or both), we can adapt our expertise to create the right solution.

Every sport is different – and we rise to every challenge…

Some sports are played outdoors, others indoors; some in daylight, others under floodlights; some with players, others with cars.

Many sporting events have complex on-site production environments, others are more simple and remote. Whether your sport has huge online followings, or is only just beginning this journey, there’s a Supponor solution for you.

Whatever the content production and brand communication requirements, we work with all stakeholders – rights holders, broadcasters, media partners and sponsoring brands – to design, build and deploy the optimum augmented reality solution for any given environment.

Here are just a few of the sports we work in


Our digital advertising replacement technology uses advanced virtual overlay imagery to offer an optimum augmented reality brand activation solution for any football match in any stadium in any production environment.

Digital billboard replacement is transforming sponsorship and advertising opportunities in broadcast sport. Our advanced augmented reality expertise means that we’re able to overlay in-venue, TV-visible, physical advertising signage of any kind with authentically rendered, virtual branded content – in real time – to create high-impact targeted virtual brand messaging.

We can replace the static or animated LED signage on outdoor billboards surrounding any football pitch with any combination of virtual artwork (static, animated, single or multi-brand takeover). Working with multi-colored backgrounds or foregrounds, we deliver a seamless solution regardless of changing light or weather conditions. Using any fixed camera position, we can mask fine objects – such as goal nets, the limbs of players or officials, balls or smoke – and even offer an option for IP streaming, to enable the cloud-based serving of completely personalized advertising.

Designing and deploying a digital overlay to deliver virtual billboard replacement allows for unlimited feeds while also enabling brand and media owners alike to benefit from real-time brand exposure statistics.

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Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an incredibly fast-moving sport. We take that in our stride, creating digitally enhanced dasherboards that deliver outstanding brand activation opportunities in every arena.

We use advanced augmented reality technology to transform the static dasherboard signage of indoor arenas into digitally enhanced dasherboards or DEDs that offer brands big and small a fantastic way to engage with viewer audiences via a large on-screen branding presence. And we can deliver real-time brand exposure statistics so that sponsors know immediately what kind of impact their messaging is having.

We can work with multi-colored backgrounds or foregrounds – so there’s no color management of artwork or jerseys – and mask fine objects such as goal nets, sticks, pucks, and the limbs of players and officials, so there’s no disruption to the targeted virtual brand messaging.

Fast-moving players and objects means careful design of the virtual deployment, limiting viewer distraction from rotations or animations during live play.  When the whistle stops play, though, the dasherboards become animated – for use by sponsors or broadcasters to engage their viewers with digital creativity.

We also offer full integration with player and puck tracking technology using any fixed camera position.

With unlimited feeds, we can deliver different versions of ads that are relevant to viewers regionally, locally or even individually – an option for IP streaming can enable the cloud-based serving of completely personalized advertising.

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